First Grand Principal ME. Comp. Glyn Edmonds

Message from the First Grand Principal

My dear Companions,

It was indeed a great honour and privilege for me to be elected and installed as First Grand Principal of our Supreme Grand Chapter.

The exact origins of the Order have been obscured over time, but it is generally accepted to have been established in Ireland and England, reflecting the nature of freemasonry international, which we in Germany today so readily embrace with our membership of diverse nationalities.

I have been extremely fortunate to inherit a thriving organisation, which over the past several years has grown steadily; not only in its membership, but also in its status within the wider body of Freemasonry. This ancient and honourable Order is open to all Master Masons, and particularly those who wish to discover and explore the full meaning of freemasonry, as it will assist in providing the answers to those previously unanswered questions. It is, of course, also the portal leading to those higher degrees, of which you will have heard or even researched.

In closing, Royal Arch Masonry is considered by many to be the completion of their Craft Masonry, as such I would encourage all Master Masons to give serious thought to joining us in this extended masonic journey.

Details of how and where to join, can be found on this website. I look forward to meeting up with the current membership and making the acquaintance of new Companions on my visits to your Chapters.

Glyn Edmonds

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