About Us

This Order is usually recognised as being the completion of a member’s Freemasonry.

There are other orders to which a Brother may belong but to be “a Companion of the Royal Arch” is a requirement for basic membership of a number of them. However, many Companions go no further and find their Freemasonry is satisfying, rewarding and uplifting.

Although we are called “The Supreme Grand Chapter of British Royal Arch Masonry in Germany”, in fact being “British” is not a pre-requisite. We have members from Germany and a number of other countries including France, The Netherlands, Romania and Greece as well as from African countries and English-speaking countries around the world.

Perfect English is not necessary as long as the Companion can understand what is being said. Indeed, if you are a non-native speaker and can read this, your English is probably good enough.

Any Master Mason from any recognised Grand Lodge world-wide can join us.

More information can be found on our CONTACTS page.

Who’s Who

First Grand Principal
Second Grand Principal Third Grand Principal
Most Excellent Companion
Glyn Edmonds GPA


24 Apr 1993
Zur Bruderkette im Wuppertal No 640
Niederrhein 892 Worshipful Master
2018 – 2021
Grand Master GLBFG
2021 – Present
Immediate Past Grand Master GLBFG


18 Mar 2006
Rheinland RAC No1
First Principal RAC No1
Supreme Grand Chapter of Scotland Celtic RAC No 764
Dec 2018 – Dec 2022
Second Grand Principal SGCBRAMG
Dec 2022 – Present
First Grand Principal SGCBRAMG


Right Excellent Companion Roddy Mackenzie


Sept 2005
The Rose of Minden Lodge No 918




Jun 2008
The Teutoburgerwald RAC No 5
Nov 2011
1st Principal Niedersachsen RAC No.4
Dec 2020 – Dec 2022
Third Grand Principal SGCBRAMG
Dec 2022 – Present
Second Grand Principal SGCBRAMG


Right Excellent Companion Jim Lutton GPA


Dec 2000
Niederrhein No. 892 Düsseldorf






Mar – 2007
Rheinland RAC No. 1 Düsseldorf
2017 – 2018
First Principal RAC No. 1
Dec 2014 – 2022
Grand Scribe Ezra SGCBRAMG
Dec 2022 – Present
Third Grand Principal


Past First Grand Principal Grand Scribe Ezra
Most Excellent Companion
John (Shiny) MacKinnon GPA
Very Excellent Companion
Chris Bilson GPA


02 Oct 1968
Thistle No 270 SC
03 Feb 1986
Beaver Nr 885 GLBFG
MAY 2015
Assistant Grand Master Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany


24 MAR 1994
Burnvale RAC SGC Scotland
10 DEC 2005
Celtic RAC No 764 SGC Scotland (On reponing)
26 OCT 2001
Teutoburgerwald No 5 SGCBRAMG
Dec 2018 – Dec 2022
First Grand Principal SGCBRAMG









Current Supreme Grand Chapter Officers

OFFICEHolder as of 03.12.2022
First Grand PrincipalME. Comp. Glyn Edmonds GPA
Second Grand PrincipalRE. Comp. Roderick Mackenzie
Third Grand PrincipalRE. Comp. James Lutton GPA
President of Comm of GPRE. Comp. Norbert Schoen
Grand SupervisorVE Comp Neil Price
Grand Scribe EzraVE. Comp. Chris Bilson GPA
Grand Scribe NehemiaVE. Comp Markus Winter
Grand Dir of CeremoniesE. Comp. Raymond Nightingale
Grand RegistrarE. Comp. Roy Crockford
Grand TreasurerRE. Comp. John Hogarth GPA, PTGP
Grand Sword BearerE. Comp. Dured Freitag
Deputy Grand Dir. of CeremoniesE. Comp. John McDougall
Grand OrganistE. Comp. David Pearson
Principal Grand SojournerVE. Comp. Peter Julian HPGSN
First Assistant Grand SojournerE. Comp. Peter Appleson
Second Assistant Grand SojournerE. Comp. Mike Hemming
Grand Charity StewardE. Comp. Eric James Hoskins
Grand Standard BearerE. Comp. Jan Ladefoged
Grand StewardE Comp Kokou Awaline
Grand StewardE. Comp. Winfried Büßing
Grand JanitorE. Comp. John Lillelund Møller

In Memorandum



Comp. Henning Donaldo Holst – Danish Star RAC No. 9 – 5th January 2021

VE. Comp. Ernie Johnson – Honorary Member of RAC No. 4 – 21st January 2021

Companion Ralf Beckmann – Keys & Pillars RAC No. 3 – on 26th January 2021

VEComp Peter Eckford-Jones PGSN – Anglo-Hanseatic RAC No. 6 – 1st August 2021

MEC Archibald Howatson McWatt – Past Depute FGP of Scotland. HSGP SGCBRAMG – 7th August 2021

Comp Ralf Hartung – United Services RAC No. 2 – 16th August 2021

EComp. John Owers – Keys & Pillars RAC No. 3 – 4th November 2021

EComp. Stephen Barr – Keys & Pillars RAC No. 3 – 10th November 2021