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Blesma, The Limbless Veterans

The Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany has been approached by Blesma, The
Limbless Veterans charity with a request for financial support.

The First Grand Principal Most Excellent Companion John “Shiny” MacKinnon has expressed that The Supreme Grand Chapter of British Royal Arch Freemasonry in Germany (SGCBRAMG) will also support this charitable cause, and will transfer €1000 towards it.

If any Chapter or any Companions wish to make a contribution to this cause, please
ensure that the money is transferred to the SGCBRAMG Bank Account (details can be requested by completing the contact form on the Contacts page) before 31st August 2021.

Over the first week in September all money collected will be transferred in full as a total amount to Blesma. The First Grand Principal would be delighted to receive as much support from the Chapters and Companions towards this cause as possible.

Any amount donated will enable Blesma to help with, providing crucial emotional,
financial, and practical support through frontline support services, especially in these very
challenging times, will be gratefully received and faithfully applied

The Christmas Stamp Home

The First Grand Principal’s Charity Cause for 2021 is The Christmas Stamp Home, nominated by Northern Star RAC No.10.

The Christmas Stamp Home, Hobro, is one of five Christmas Stamp Homes in Denmark. The Home’s aim is for a child’s life to be without bullying, loneliness and lack of well-being. The Homes rehabilitate children who have suffered from bullying and loneliness. Children will typically stay for a period of 10 weeks, in which they are tutored in small groups and offered support.

Sometimes children have suffered for 2 or 3 years before seeking help. Other times they will carry around their pain for decades before they feel safe enough to seek help. This can be after succumbing to addictions, other times they are in a constant battle between fighting an addiction and/or depression. Helping a child to live without bullying helps people live a lifetime free of that trauma!

The Christmas Stamp Home originated when Postmaster Einar Holbell realised that at Christmas time you could, by voluntary postage, raise money to support sick children. The following year the world’s first Christmas Stamp Home was established and this has formed the basis for the establishment of the further homes in Denmark.

Regrettably, due to the demise of the Christmas stamp and the rise in digital mail the Christmas Stamp Homes are now further reliant on support and donations from other sources.

COVID the past year has caused a burden to many but it is hoped that ways can be found
to contribute to what is such a worthwhile cause.

Please contact for Grand Charity Steward via the contact form for more information about donating or questions

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This year saw Southern Star RAC No 8 taking the lead in raising funds for UN Refugee Aid.

The UNO refugee aid is the German donation partner of UNHCR – the refugee aid agency of the United Nations who have been supporting projects for refugees in Germany and abroad since 1980.

The Companions raised and donated a tidy sum of €4500 which was presented 26 Oct 2018

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On January, 18th, the FP of Keys & Pillars Chapter No. 3 and Officers of the SGCBRAMG presented a cheque to the general manager of the hexenHaus.

The hexenHaus is an organisation advising and helping people (female/male) in crisis situations and also a domestic violence shelter.

The Companions have donated € 3750.00

The money collected will be used to improve what is being offered to help and support children in particular.

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Details to be published

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The First Grand Principal nominated Niedersachsen Royal Arch Chapter No 4 as the sponsor for the Grand Chapter Charity appeal for 2014, the late First Principal of Chapter 4 decided our Chapter would like to help a cause within the Hanover area, he decided along with the members to nominate:

The institute for Children with cancer in Hanover

The First Principal of our chapter past to the eternal East on the 6th February 2014, but members of the Chapter worked on the cause throughout the year, especially the Scribe Ezra.

Supreme Grand Chapter of British Royal Arch Masonry of Germany was therefore delighted to present a cheque to the institution on Wednesday 21st January 2015 to the value of €4,600; the SGCBRAMG was represented by the First Grand Principal Most Excellent Companion Bill Beardmore, the First Principal of RAC 4 Excellent Companion Stew Cunningham and Very Excellent Companion Roddy Mackenzie.

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The Charity raised the sum of €7.000

A cheque was presented by the ME FGP to the coordinator of the project:


To bring water to the Mayana community in a safe, convenient location.

To provide water for domestic animals and crops.

To enable the Mayana community to become self-sufficient & self-sustaining.

To encourage the Mayana community to move permanently out of the flood plains by providing them with a local water supply.

To conserve the flood plains and riverine areas, as well as to encourage & support the return of riverine flora and fauna.